Learning Pathways

Purcell Associates delivers strategies for development, mechanisms for learning and tools for execution, all specific to your organization and to your business environment. Purcell custom learning systems follow a Four-Phase sequence. For each phase of the learning project…
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Performance Payoff

Clients have achieved goals like the following. Your organization, too, can…
Drive Revenue
Application of more effective sales processes, for example, has delivered to Purcell clients greater deal size, higher conversion rates and higher margins.

Win the Competition for Talent
Industry-leading organizations need industry-leading talent. One way to attract talent is to acquire a reputation for “the best training in the industry.”

Unify Organizations
Our clients use performance projects to manage change. These projects communicate broadly and quickly, helping contributors to understand new directions and helping them to commit to new structures and new roles.

Profit from Intellectual Capital
Process analysis, the first step in developing training, captures human intellectual capital. As training, the intellectual capital can be accessed easily.

Grow Rapidly
High levels of skill and commitment among individuals and teams enable an organization to respond effectively to market opportunities and challenges.

Build Distribution Channels
Value-Added Resellers (VARs) may not always receive world-class, performance-based training from their OEMs. When VARS receive well-designed learning, or OEM clients have realized added productivity and loyalty from them.

Develop Capabilities Faster
Adopting new skills takes time. Training, properly designed and implemented, has reduced time-to-value for many clients. Reduction in time-to-value can make the difference between success and irrelevance.

Execute Decisively
The best training enables individuals and teams to respond quickly and effectively to a challenge or an opportunity. Well-trained teams perform energetically and purposefully.

Cut Operating Costs
In production environments for example, clients routinely reduce costs by reducing remakes or reducing injuries and accidents, or reducing turnover. The same principle applies to selling costs.

Control Disruption in M&A
Mergers and acquisitions can require one party to master products and processes originating with another. Training can help to reduce uncertainty and to make integration go more smoothly.
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Creating Value

At the center of many projects is online learning, a Purcell core competency. Based on client intentions we add other performance learning capabilities to create Whole Solutions. Or clients may engage the firm for Solution Components…
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Client Results: Sales Initiatives

Performance learning initiatives can drive profitability of your organization.
Here are some examples from custom-built sales learning projects.

01-Home_Client Results - Deal Size



The driver for this project was value selling. Some Account Managers were positioning the client software suite as sets of individual point solutions. The target of the performance initiative was a change in selling style and product positioning, a change to a focus on complete solutions to customer operating challenges.

01-Home_Client Results - Channels Contribution



The client installed a systematic selling process for all channels distributors, who ranged from small engineering companies to large software distributors. The same process was implemented throughout Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Americas.

The net effect of the process implementation was higher revenues, regardless of size and type of the distributor or the previous style of selling.

01-Home_Client Results - Sales Productivity



The company planned a rapid expansion of the sales force. In the as-is condition, newly hired Account Managers were able to consistently meet quota only after eighteen months on the job, on average. The project target was to shorten that time by 50%. A secondary goal was to reduce attrition. Both goals were met.

Client Results: Technical Initiatives

Under the heading of Technical Initiatives, Purcell includes projects that do not center on communication with customers or internal audiences. These performance initiatives commonly drive profitability through cost reduction.




The Falls Risk Assessment was implemented in many hospitals. Included with the assessment in these hospitals were methods for devising and implementing countermeasures. The results shown here are derived from one large hospital, whose results were typical of those hospitals that implemented the assessment along with strategies for eliminating contributing causes.

01-Home_Client Results - Patient Safety



In this company training of fabricators was conducted by peers and supervisors, with the training process guided by personal notes of the assigned trainers. Until each new fabricator became proficient, he or she represented a new headcount. The salary was a training cost.

The solution was a self-guided learning program, with self-guided coaching support. The result was a decrease in the time between hiring and process independence. Because the target job was a high turnover position, with large numbers of trainees annually, the total cost saving per year was $1.25 M.

01-Home_Client Results - Training Cost

Solutions & Services

We offer a wide range of performance solutions and services. To see a representative set, click on the process titles.

  • Goal Analysis Reports
  • Value Projections
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Design Requirements
  • Client Change Readiness
  • Operational Requirements

  • Project Plans
  • Solution Blueprints
  • Video / Multimedia Treatments
  • CRM Content Optimization
  • Critical Success Factor Determination

  • eLearning Programs
  • Face-to-Face Workshops
  • Solution Prototypes
  • Websites
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Technical Briefs
  • Program Packages for Field Delivery

  • Electronic Project Management
  • Team Communication Forums
  • Webinars
  • Leadership Reports
  • Leader Coaching
  • Field Observations & Reports

Performance Corner

A sports fan’s comment on the relationship between performance and training:

“We fans might want to believe that when it counts, sheer determination can beat physical obstacles and competitors’ superior strengths.” (But that sentiment) “. . . ignores a harsher reality known to drill sergeants and athletic coaches alike: In a crisis, you don’t rise to the occasion. You sink to the level of your training.”
John Rennie, Editor, Scientific American - September 2000