Announcing breakthrough interactive simulators:
Complete Retinoscopy Simulators, Minus Cylinder and Plus Cylinder

Eye glasses

For students of the optical disciplines and their professional schools. From The Purcell Group, developers of systems for training and testing in a broad spectrum of client specialities. Now Purcell is offering technical simulations direct to individual users.

Eye glasses

Purcell has served the optical sector for over thirty years, in technical skills, team leadership and customer interaction. These two simulators are our first offerings direct to students and professional faculty of the optical sector.

Interactive simulators for Minus Cylinder Retinoscopy and Plus Cylinder Retinoscopy.

  • Realistic, robust, and smooth acting.
  • Convincingly complex.
  • Dozens of discrete “patients.”
  • Examine at random or choose the type of refractive error.

These aids to learning and practice can support an existing curriculum and help the student to develop a quick, sure confidence in conducting basic retinoscopy exams. They can also be useful for educators as learning aids in the classroom setting.