About Us

The Purcell Group helps clients to improve the performance of individuals and teams.

We help to define strategies and processes for performance change. We partner with clients to produce custom-built learning programs and to drive change. For the past twenty years our work has concentrated in sales and technical business processes. Since 1998 our solutions have included a growing proportion of e-Learning and other web-centric components.

Most projects include both online components and face-to-face components; i.e., blended learning and execution.

About Us

Mary Purcell McCord, who founded the firm, leads the core Purcell team and has principal functional responsibility for client relationships. The core team is composed of five members, each of whom can fill multiple functional and project leadership roles. Project teams have a technical coordinator, a lead designer, a project leader and an art director from the core team. Most project teams also draw from a group of independent contributors, long-time alliance partners to The Purcell Group, with an average of 10 years’ tenure. These contributors may include additional technical developers, writers (Instructional Design specialists), video production specialists and web developers as required by the project.

Core capabilities include the following:

  • Project planning,
  • Identification of project metrics,
  • e-Learning development,
  • Workshop development,
  • Opportunity analysis,
  • Process definition and re-definition,
  • Technical / business writing,
  • Art and illustration
  • Leading, monitoring and reporting on project execution.