Performance Payoff

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Process Refinement
and Experiential Learning

Purcell delivers purpose-built solutions for improving business processes. The intended payoff for the solutions is competitive excellence. Methods are of two kinds: direct improvement to the processes themselves, and indirect improvement to process through improvement to human performance. Projects are aimed to impact current business challenges and to prepare to optimize new processes as they come on line. That is, Purcell’s two toolkits are these: Process change and refinement on one hand, and experiential learning on the other.

Here are a few examples of potential project targets:


Competitive Strength

Total Revenue

Application of more effective sales processes, for example, has delivered to Purcell clients greater deal size, higher conversion rates and higher margins.


Industry-leading organizations need industry-leading talent. One way to attract talent is to acquire a reputation for “the best training in the industry.”

Change Management

Our clients use performance projects to manage change. These projects communicate broadly and quickly, helping contributors to understand new directions and helping them to commit to new structures and new roles.

Fast Deployment

Adopting new skills takes time. Training, properly designed and implemented, has reduced time-to-value for many clients. Better time-to-value can make the difference between success and irrelevance.


The best training enables individuals and teams to respond quickly and effectively to a challenge or an opportunity. Well-trained teams perform energetically and purposefully.

Intellectual Capital

Process analysis, the first step in developing training, captures human intellectual capital. In the form of training, the intellectual capital can be accessed easily, put to work, and begin to produce value.


High levels of skill and confidence among individuals and teams enable an organization to respond effectively to market opportunities and challenges.

Strong Distribution

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) may not always receive world-class, performance-based training from their OEMs. When VARs receive well- designed learning, our OEM clients have realized added productivity and loyalty from their VARs.

Reduced Cost

In production environments for example, clients routinely reduce costs by reducing remakes, injuries and accidents, or turnover. The same principle applies to selling costs.

Control Disruption in M&A

Mergers and acquisitions can require one party to master products and processes originating with another. A high-quality training initiative can help to reduce uncertainty and to make integration go more smoothly.