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Unique Product Features

  • Phoropters: Realistic, functioning phoropters with smooth controls and integrated action.
  • Convenient Access: Anytime access on computers or tablets.
  • RE Control: Choose the range of RE you want to practice or choose the RE at random.
  • Pupil Size: Pupil size varies with apparent age of case example.
  • Dilation and Contraction: Reaction time for dilation and contraction mimics live observations.
  • Pupillary Distance: Users adjust PD for each case.
  • Blinking: Cases blink at varying time intervals.
  • Clarity of Reflex: Clarity of the reflex in the simulator varies smoothly with both sphere and cylinder power.
  • Monitor Performance and Control Development: Built-in controllers enable students to track both accuracy and elapsed time for each exam. Students can build a development program by planning a gradual increase in level of difficulty, then tracking the relationship between accuracy and time.
  • Contains Complete Process Model: Both versions, plus cylinder and minus cylinder, contain a step-by-step process for a retinoscopy exam for refractive error – fully detailed and fully illustrated.
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