Breakthrough Interactive Simulators

Retinoscopy: Minus Cylinder & Plus Cylinder

Eye glasses

For students of the optical disciplines and their professional schools. From The Purcell Group, developers of systems for training and testing in a broad spectrum of client specialities. Now Purcell is offering technical simulations direct to individual users.

Eye glasses

Purcell has served the optical sector for over thirty years, in technical skills, team leadership and customer interaction. These two simulators are our first offerings direct to students and professional faculty of the optical sector.

Unique Product Features

  • Phoropters: Realistic, functioning phoropters with smooth controls and integrated action.
  • Convenient Access: Anytime access on computers or tablets.
  • RE Control: Choose the range of RE you want to practice or choose the RE at random.
  • Pupil Size: Pupil size varies with apparent age of case example.
  • Dilation and Contraction: Reaction time for dilation and contraction mimics live observations.
  • Pupillary Distance: Users adjust PD for each case.
  • Blinking: Cases blink at varying time intervals.
  • Clarity of Reflex: Clarity of the reflex in the simulator varies smoothly with both sphere and cylinder power.
  • Monitor Performance and Control Development: Built-in controllers enable students to track both accuracy and elapsed time for each exam. Students can build a development program by planning a gradual increase in level of difficulty, then tracking the relationship between accuracy and time.
  • Contains Complete Process Model: Both versions, plus cylinder and minus cylinder, contain a step-by-step process for a retinoscopy exam for refractive error – fully detailed and fully illustrated.