The Value Proposition

The Purcell Group works with global and national clients to:

Build Better Profitability*


Better Processes &
Better Execution.

A group of business people meeting around a laptop

Clients call on The Purcell Group to treat shortfalls in operating processes. Purcell works directly with client leaders, individuals and teams to develop new processes and new capabilities, then to implement them.


We have delivered large-scale projects in organizations with annual revenues from $300 million to $30 billion.


Most Purcell projects are driven to some extent by urgency, quantified as “Time to Value.” Our methods serve time-to-value in two ways: The projects themselves are designed to reach the execution stage quickly, and the solutions have rapid deployment as a central design criterion. As strategic partners we deliver quality performance, including gains in capability, capacity and velocity.


Purcell has developed wide ranging technical competence in online learning technologies and device simulation.

Subject Matter

Projects of The Purcell Group tend to arise from matters of high consequence. A typical client concern, for instance, might be overall selling performance. an operating unit in which gross sales stays flat – or even declines – quarter after quarter. Another common challenge is high staff turnover, combined with a low standard of performance, in those business sectors where turnover can be greater than 200% in a headcount of thousands.

Virtually all of Purcell’s projects are developed for a wide range of technical environments, with technical organizations as clients. Examples are selling or functional training in Medical Diagnosis and treatment, software for Product Design and Engineering, large scale Deal Finance, Medical and Optical practices, and others.

* The word “profitability” as used here includes not-for-profit clients as referents.