The Value Cycle

Our aim is to help clients build business value.  Our contributions are learning strategies, learning programs and learning support services.  We partner with clients to supply targeted learning systems in support of each client’s cycle of value.

In each phase of the Value Cycle, learning processes help to produce value.  Purcell can help with learning strategies to support the Business Goals phase, with learning plans to support the Initiatives phase, with process clarification and learning programs to support the Process phase, and with measurement consultation to support the Metrics phase.

05 - Value Cycle - 01 - Circle diagram

Business Goals

Leaders set business goals, often measured in profitability, growth, share price, or another broad metric.  Purcell consultants partner to identify human performance issues that affect those metrics.  When performance issues have a learning component, joint work teams develop learning strategies through which they support decisions about resource allocation.


Operational leaders define and direct initiatives through project plans or program plans.  In addition to project plans, most operational initiatives require companion learning plans.  Purcell consultants, together with client teams, produce learning plans to assure that human performance capabilities support the initiative.

Typical operational initiatives for which Purcell has helped create learning plans:

  • Effectiveness of Decision Processes
  • Process Consistency
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Workforce Retention
  • Front-line Leader Promotability
  • Injury Reduction

05 - Value Cycle - 02 - Chart 1



Clients change processes through learning interventions.
The charts on this page illustrate key results of past projects.  Clients who have partnered with Purcell have achieved results like these, tightly focused on concrete business practices, challenges and objectives.

Past targets for change have included complete, newly defined business processes and fine-tuning for existing processes:
  • Inspection
  • Manufacturing
  • Technical Sales
  • Quality
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Back Office Bank Processing
  • Leading and Managing
  • Field Training/Coaching
  • Field Merchandising


Joint project teams select metrics based on client experience and on Purcell experience. Some can be used best at the business unit level, others at the team level.

Example Team Level Metrics

    • Time to Value for New Associates
    • Manufacturing Productivity
    • Defect Rate
    • Sales Conversion Rate
    • Change in Injury Incident Levels

Example Team Level Metrics

    • ROI/ROE
    • Change in COGS
    • Market Share
    • Competitive Position

05 - Value Cycle - 04 - Chart 2